Finding Hope in the Midst of Hardship

Imagine being 13 and discovering one morning that your parents are gone and you have 4 younger siblings to care for. Unfortunately, this has been a reality to many children here in Uganda because of disease or abandonment. A child headed family traveled 20 km on foot to the YES office to find help before […]

A Hope and a Future

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude as I sit here at my desk and remember all the lives that have been changed over the years because of generous donors like you!  Hope and a future has been given to hundreds of people through this program. Please let me brag about some of them.   Basaija Steven(left), has now […]

Second Chances

Second Chances Boarding schools are a common place for students in Uganda. Children are sent to boarding schools as early as 9 years old here. As it might sound harsh to some of you, it’s actually a better environment for many Ugandan children. Living at the school, they are able to focus on their studies […]

Back to School…

…After a two year hiatus!  On Monday, January 10, students excitedly returned to school!!  The government advanced every student to the next grade up even though some have only had 3 months in the grade they left. Thankfully, we were able to tutor over 200 students during this break in our conference room! Meet Musiime Timothy.  We are […]

Christmas All Around

The Children we help at Manna Rescue Home come from extreme poverty.  Their relatives they previously lived with were unable to provide basic necessities and life saving medication they need.  During Christmas, these children happily return to their villages bearing gifts to keep those connections and relationships strong.  They bring food and supplies to bless their […]

Providing Education

Uganda’s President has announced that schools will remain closed the rest of the year.  Because of this we have decided to provide schooling here at our office!  We are concerned for the youth in our community not being in school for a year and a half now.  Depression and hopelessness have set in and discouraged students […]


It was the year 2008, Carol Adams’ dream to open a home for children living with HIV in Ft. Portal, Uganda was realized. Manna Rescue Home (MRH) opened its doors to its first 30 children. Among those children was Katusabe Grace. She was just 7-years-old when she arrived at Manna Rescue Home. Her mother had […]

Emergency Relief

Uganda is suffering. We’ve been in a lock down for about a month now and people are getting desperate. Many people have visited my office asking for food and we’ve been able to help those needs. The lockdown has been very difficult for many whose daily support came from small shops, teachers, and taxi drivers […]

Schools Closed Again

We were all so happy here to have students heading back to school on June 7th and we were busy at the office distributing school supplies and other school needs to the many students we assist here. On Friday the 4th, Geoffrey traveled to all 17 schools with lists of fees that were paid at the […]

Schools are reopening

Great news! After almost a year of schools being closed for most students, Uganda is now allowing three more classes back to school in March and about mid April the rest of the classes are expected to return to school! Our kids need to be in school!  Thankfully, the kids at Manna Rescue Home have been staying […]