Back with a New Back


Hello friends!

I have just returned from India where I had major but needed spine surgery. It was a bit scary going alone but I thank God for the wonderful doctors as well as the hospital. It all started early in August when I went to Kampala to get an MRI because of my severe back pains. The MRI showed drastic conditions and Dr. Moses Magezi felt that I should go to India as soon as possible. He connected me with a sending agency called HBG and they were wonderful and within 10 days I was off to India. I thank God for the amazing doctors who worked on my back as well as the modern and organized hospital.

I was so well treated by everyone although the daily care was a bit hard because of the language barrier. I learned “Shukriya”, which means thank you and “Namaste” which is a greeting. The surgery was major—5 hours—but successful with complete recovery expected. After the 8 days of recovery in the hospital I was released to a hotel where I had a great street view and sweet caregiver. The people noticed me and when I was finally able to walk a bit I went to a small shop across the street and I was greeted with “welcome, lady in the red chair.” I saw many things and made some close friends in the short time I was there. I am now home and still needing time to continue healing. I think that I will heal much faster being home in my apartment and surrounded with people I love. I am praising God for all He has done for me with this venture to India and bringing me home safely.

While I was away my staff did a fantastic job and the kids have been well cared for and the program has been handled. My hostel also was in good hands with Abwooli Florence as well as my dog and cat who both were all over me when I got back.


I’d like you to meet Tim.  He is going to be helping me here at YES soon and I look forward to his help. Here are a few words from him:

“Hi everyone, my name is Tim Kammerer, I’m 57 years young and living in Denver, CO where I have worked for a high-tech satellite imaging company for the past 19 years. I am an elder at my church and have enjoyed teaching kids at church for 35+ years!  I have degrees in Elementary Ed, Biblical Education, Geography and an extensive science background. I LOVE kids!!

I have been longing to make a bigger impact for the Kingdom, and want the rest of my life to matter for eternity. After a brief visit this summer to Fort Portal, God has clearly and lovingly told me that I belong in Uganda ministering to kids. Meeting Carol at YES was clearly God’s hand to move me in the right direction. I will be supporting YES wherever I am needed with my combination of skills, education and experience to best support the mission of helping orphans and at-risk kids empower themselves to become all that God desires for them. Pray for clarity in how I will be most useful, for continued leading of the Holy Spirit, and for physical and financial resources that He would speed my return to YES soon!”

I again thank all of the people who support us here and I wish everyone a beautiful autumn.


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  1. Carol,
    So glad your surgery was a success and that you are home again. Best wishes to you. Martha

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