A Hope and a Future

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude as I sit here at my desk and remember all the lives that have been changed over the years because of generous donors like you!  Hope and a future has been given to hundreds of people through this program.

Please let me brag about some of them.


Basaija Steven(left), has now been appointed as a magistrate in Fort Portal courts. He went all the way from primary 1 to senior 6 with YES sponsorship and continued through university to become a lawyer sponsored by HEAL International through YES.  Kasigazi William (right) has just been appointed by the president as a Resident District Commissioner in Hoima district, which is a very important position within the country.


Muchunguzi Bright is a graduate Clinical Officer who now works in a refugee camp and these twin sisters recently graduated as nurses.

There are so many young people now making a difference in Uganda. We have doctors, over 50 nurses, school teachers and others in vocations such as welding and beautician to name a couple. This is all possible because of the many generous supporters around the world.

Thank you for your support,