Second Chances

Second Chances

Boarding schools are a common place for students in Uganda. Children are sent to boarding schools as early as 9 years old here. As it might sound harsh to some of you, it’s actually a better environment for many Ugandan children. Living at the school, they are able to focus on their studies and avoid distractions from chores, siblings and difficult home life. They are guaranteed to have food, shelter, medical, and even a counselor. Having three of the children at Manna Rescue Home moving into their secondary boarding schools, and one graduating from a vocational school, we were able to welcome four new needy children into the home!

As many of you know, Manna Rescue Home is legally only allowed to house 30 children so when a spot opens up we are excited to fill it with a child that desperately needs help. All our children are HIV+ who need medication daily to survive. Thankfully, this life saving medication makes the virus undetectable.  These children come from different situations where they were struggling to stay on the medication and their health was declining.  Overcrowded homes, elderly caretakers, or a working single parent were some of the difficult situations they faced.

MRH Classroom

Manna Rescue Home gives these kids a second chance at life by providing a safe and healthy environment to grow strong with the nutrition they need as well as daily medicine. We have tutors to help with school work and a counselor for mental health as well. We work hard to continue their relationships with their relatives and connection to their villages. We also try to educate the families to break the stigma against these children. Thank you for making all this possible!

The children practicing their musical instruments

Another Success Story

Meet Evelyn. She was just recently accepted into medical school at Kampala International University!  She would never have thought this would be her life because of the many struggles she has endured.  Battling health issues and poverty most of her life has made her into the incredibly strong woman she is today.  Her continued efforts to push on and not give up are paying off and she is reaching her goals.  We are so thankful for her generous sponsor who is helping make that dream a reality.  One day, if not already, she will help and inspire many people to not give up.

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