Water and washing

I though this might just be an interesting update for many people, especially those who have running water and washing machines! We pray that the rains will continue as I have just had this large tank installed to collect the rainwater to use for washing sheets and clothes. It will be so helpful to us […]

Update on Catherine

It is wonderful news that Catherine is now back home. She had 4 areas of bone with growths removed and the condition is called multiple hereditory oxostosis for anyone interested. It has about a 10% chance of being malignant. Those are good odds and we continue to pray for her. It has been a painful process but her […]

Catherine’s Story

This sweet girl is Catherine. She is an orphan who lives with her grandmother and 22 other cousins who are also orphans. As she started growing her bones became long and then the wrists became very sore with protruding bones. She had X-rays done and they found she has growths in both wrists. Finally after […]