Perseverance in Challenge leads to Success

Hello Friends and supporters of YES Uganda. The year 2023 is winding down and we are so grateful to everyone who has helped us continue to help so many beautiful kids.

We have received enough money for a pickup truck and our mechanic and friend John Atwooki is continuing the search for us. Vehicles in Uganda are quite a bit more expensive that in other countries and we continue searching for a strong second hand double cabin pickup.

Geoffrey and David have been working very hard finalizing paper work and submitting it to the NGO board in Kampala for renewal of our NGO. It has taken two trips to the city of Kampala and we are so happy that our application is now in process with the hope of it being accepted in December. Please be praying for this.

I am sharing the pictures and stories of two of our orphans who need a sponsor. It is not legal to give both a photo and name of a child so I will introduce 10 year old sweet girl who is in primary 5. She lives with a very old grandmother deep in a village up in the mountains. Her mother has run mad and her father is unknown. This is our young girl with her grandmother and an aunty. She loves school and is very happy that we are helping her be able to continue her studies.



The other child is an 8 year old HIV+ boy living at our Manna Rescue Home.

He was abandoned as a 3 month old baby and taken in by his grandmother. She loves him but they live in abject poverty and she found it very difficult getting his needed medicines as well as nutritious food. He is very happy at the Rescue Home and full of smiles and fun.



Let me finish with a wonderful success story of twin girls who are now finished nursing school and are already employed.

These girls were raised by a single mother after her husband ran mad from cerebral malaria. The girls struggled in village schools and continued to make good grades. When they finished senior 4 the branched to nursing school and are now proud graduates.

Below is Faith Paterson’s October / November update of what has been happening with Yes Uganda. Also linked is a podcast in which Carol was interviewed when she did her book tour in the US.

Here’s an interview with Carol on the Talking Story Podcast!


For all of my American friends, I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and for everyone a good autumn and soon to come, Christmas season.

If any of you are interested in supporting our work or sponsoring a child then do feel free to reach out to us or click here.