YES Scholarship

YES Scholarship Program


Founded in 1996, YES Scholarship supports the education of orphans and vulnerable children in the Kabarole District of Western Uganda. The program seeks to build future community leaders by covering the students’ school fees, boarding fees, lunch fees, uniforms, and scholastic materials as well as basic health care. Since its founding, YES Scholarship has helped more than 2,000 students successfully graduate.

How are students identified?

We work together with the local administration, health centers, schools, and community representatives to identify potential candidates. In general, candidates must be in the P5-S4 school range (equivalent of 3rd – 8th grade by US standards) with three years of passing exam results and no discipline problems. Once in the program, we monitor marks and individual development in order to most effectively assist our students. Sponsored students are held to a high standard of character. As such, in cases where failure results from lack of effort or dishonesty, students are removed from the program.

Success Stories

Meet Moses

Meet Christopher

How do I get involved?

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available, ranging from one-time gifts to long-term sponsorships. With your generous support, we will be able to expand our scholarship program and provide more children with the opportunity to learn.

  • Sponsor one child for a year: $40/month ($480 annual sponsorship)
  • Give a one-time gift to cover tuition, uniforms, books, and other supplies needed to support the students