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Sponsor a Child from YES Uganda!

Come and make a difference in someone else’s life. We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available, ranging from one-time gifts to long-term sponsorships. With your generous support, we will be able to expand our scholarship program and provide more children with the opportunity to learn.

  • Sponsor one child for a year: $40/month ($480 annual sponsorship)
  • Give a one-time gift to cover tuition, uniforms, books, and other supplies needed to support the students.

What to expect when you are sponsoring a child:

  • A personal letter to you every term (3 times a year)
  • Reports from school every term to see how the child is doing academically (3 times a year)
  • A photo of the child every year with an update on their progress
  • The opportunity to write to the child, sharing updates about your life and fostering an amazing relationship with someone from a different culture.”

How does YES Uganda work?

We have many different children who are part of the YES Uganda Family. We receive notifications from family members, neighbors, friends, and social workers about children in extreme poverty or dire situations. We then send a team from YES, including trained social worker, to assess the family. There are many people who would love the children to be part of the program, but sadly, they do not meet our criteria. We only take the poorest and most vulnerable.

We accept children onto our program before having a space available and then line up the right child with the right sponsor (this is all done by the grace of God). Our aim is to keep expanding and helping as many families in Uganda as we can. We could not do this without you, and only with your help are we able to run as a charity!

Here are some of the children in our programs who are not yet sponsored!

Please enjoy reading about their stories. (Child protection note: the names provided are not the children’s real names, but if you wish to sponsor them, we will provide you with the child’s real name).



Grace Story: (10 yrs – Female – Grade P3)

Grace lives with her single mother, who works as a cleaner at Yes Hostel. Unfortunately, her mother fell ill and was unable to work for a full year. This meant she was unable to take care of her child, Grace. Therefore, Grace had to drop out of school for the whole year.

The YES Uganda staff started to get worried about Grace’s mother and sent a team to assess her situation and see how she was doing. The YES team found out that Grace had dropped out of school, and her mother was unable to provide for her (food and school fees). Grace has now entered the program of YES Uganda, and she is getting a chance at a future. She has a opportunity at life and is now receiving an education.





Andrew Story: (11 yrs – Male – Grade P4)

Andrew’s father is in prison for stealing, and his mother roasts maize (a type of food) to pay for rent and to survive. Andrew lives with his mother, a two-year-old brother, and his bedbound grandfather, making life very difficult. They all reside in a single rented semi-permanent house. Andrew attended school irregularly as his mother struggled to stay on top of school fees. Additionally, Andrew is HIV positive and had difficulty taking his medication regularly and attending hospital check-ups. Also, Andrew is small for his age, likely due to inadequate nutrition, and he is now experiencing stunting.

Andrew has now joined the family at Manna Rescue Home, providing great relief to the family. We have managed to stabilize him on his medication, and he is now enjoying life and able to focus on his studies.




Owen Story: (15 yrs – Male – Grade P7)

Owen’s parents have sadly both passed away, and he is now living with his elderly grandmother. The same grandmother is taking care of 5 other orphaned grandchildren. The grandmother has no job, but she has a small garden and is able to grow seasonal crops, which she then sells at the local market. Owen’s cousins are part of YES Uganda, so the grandmother requested for Owen to also be part of the program. Owen is now part of YES Uganda and is loving school.







Esther Story: (15 yrs – Female – Grade P7)

Esther lives with her single mother, who also has 5 children. The fathers are absent; the first one died, and the second one is now in prison. Esther lives in a mud house that is slowly falling down. Esther’s mother is the provider of the family, but sadly, she is also partially handicapped, facing great difficulties for the family.

The two older boys are always trying to help the family in any way they can, whether it’s providing food, collecting water, or trying to earn some money for the family to survive. Unfortunately, the family is unable to send Esther to school without the help from the YES Uganda program.






Alex Story: (11 yrs – Male – Grade P1)

Alex is the firstborn of a single mother who is HIV positive. His mum lives in a rented room and has no house/land for her family. Alex is the oldest child in his family and he also has 3 younger siblings in his family, which means when his mum goes to work he was in charge of his siblings. The mother does casual jobs to survive but sadly most of the time she is not working, therefore she can barely find food to feed her children. Alex’s mum’s children each have a different father but sadly none of them are around and is nowhere to be seen. Alex is small for his age, likely due to inadequate nutrition, and due to him being HIV positive. Alex has always wanted to go to school but unfortunately, his mum has not been able to gather enough money to pay for school fees, let alone food for the family.

Alex joined the family at Manna Rescue Home last year, providing great relief to the family. We have managed to stabilize him on his medication, and he was so excited to receive an education; he is now learning how to be a young child again instead of the responsible adult he has been for his family.



Sarah Story: (18 yrs – Female – Grade S3)

Sarah stays with her grandmother because her father has passed away, and her mother got married to another man, leaving Sarah with her grandmother, who never returned. Sarah’s grandmother is weak and lives in a small house. She also looks after other grandchildren who have been left in her care. The grandmother does not have a job but owns a small hilly plot of land where she grows vegetables and sells them at a local market for a living. Unfortunately, she is unable to pay for Sarah’s school fees, and as a result, Sarah was unable to complete her education.

All Sarah wanted was to go back to school and finish her education, so YES Uganda has given her this opportunity to continue her education!




Emily Story: (19 yrs – Female – Grade S5)

Emily’s father passed away, and her mother remarried. Unfortunately, Emily’s mother does not provide her with any support, neither in terms of food nor money for school. They stay in a rented house and do not have much of their own. Emily’s brother is going to school, and the family is paying for his school fees. However, because Emily is a girl, no one is willing to pay for her to go to school.

YES Uganda has decided to pay for Emily’s school fees. She is a bright girl despite starting school later than all her other classmates. This has never stopped her from pursuing what she wants in life and providing for herself. We are excited to see what Emily becomes in the future!





Ellen Story: (14yrs – Female – Grade P4)

Ellen was raised by her grandmother and she was living with her in a small village. Ellen’s mother and father separated after her birth. Her father is bedridden due to HIV and lives with his relatives in a dilapidated house. Ellen’s mother visited Ellen once in a while, her mum is pregnant again so is unable to visit a lot. Ellen’s grandmother struggles daily with providing food and school fees. At the moment, Ellen is not going to school, but she is a very bright child. She is HIV positive and very skinny for her age.

Ellen joined the family at Manna Rescue Home last year, providing great relief to her grandmother, and she is happy knowing that Ellen is safe and getting a good education. We have managed to stabilize her on her medication, and Ellen is very good at sports. She is the fastest girl at Manna Rescue Home and she is faster than some of the boys. She is very bright and doing excellent in school.



Mark Story: (17 yrs – Male – Grade S2)

Mark’s parents found out they were HIV positive, so Mark’s father abandoned the home and the family. Mark’s mother had no choice but to move back to her birthplace with her two children. Mark’s mother now rents a single room, and her job is to wash other people’s clothes to make a living, which doesn’t provide much income. She has tried everything to maintain their health, but sadly, Mark is HIV positive and has not been getting enough nutrition in his diet.

Mark joined Manna Rescue Home back in 2018, but now, he is in boarding school and doing really well for himself. He has matured a lot with us and has a bright future. Mark is a stable young man who understands the importance of taking his medication on time.





Patrick Story: (15 yrs – Male – Grade P6)

Patrice’s mother has passed away, and he lives with his aunt and his father. His father is a chronic alcoholic man who beats all of the children and chases them out of the house. Patrice sometimes sleeps outside or with neighbors because he does not feel safe in his father’s home. The aunt is single and unable to support the children with basic needs such as food, water, and school fees. Patrice normally eats only once a day, and it is a small amount. Patrices is also HIV positive.

Patrice has joined the family at Manna Rescue Home, and he is well enough to attend the nearby school, St. Peter’s and Paul’s. Patrice is very determined and is doing really well in school.






If you would like to sponsor one of the children that you have read about today, please email us at yesuganda@gmail.com with the child’s name you would like to sponsor.


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