Manna Rescue Home

Manna Rescue Home

Opened in 2008, Manna Rescue Home provides housing and care for vulnerable HIV+ children in Fort Portal, Western Uganda. With the capacity to accommodate 30 children, the home offers a secure, stable, and loving environment where children can develop to their full potential and go on to lead happy and productive lives as members of their community.


Life at Manna Rescue Home

What services are provided?

  • Facilities: Manna Rescue Home’s gated, secure campus includes dorms, an administrative block, a classroom, a dining area, a kitchen, and playing fields with a playground.
  • Education: We employ teachers and operate a small school on campus to ensure all the children have access to a quality education.
  • Medical Care: All the children’s routine medical care is covered, including the vitally important ARV therapy that keeps HIV at bay.
  • Safe Environment: MRH employs a staff of caregivers, cleaners, cooks, and maintenance workers to give the children balanced nutrition and a loving, comfortable environment.

At the Manna Rescue Home We Also Provide:  Schooling, Commendation, Medication, Health care with 24/7 nurses on site, Counselling, Clothing, Nutritional diet, Practical skills, Practical gardening skills, Learning musical instruments, Painting lessons, Sports and Games.

The home is audited annually, both externally by the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Department, and internally by an independent auditor.


How do I get involved?

Financial support is vital to the mission of MRH and helping the children live happy, fulfilling, and productive lives. The funds raised help ensure a low ratio of full-time caregivers to children, as well as provide for health care, food, education, clothing, and day-to-day expenses.

You can sponsor a child under YES Uganda!


You can financially give a one-off or regularly donate to Manna Rescue Home. Please click the link below.


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