Providing Education

Uganda’s President has announced that schools will remain closed the rest of the year.  Because of this we have decided to provide schooling here at our office!  We are concerned for the youth in our community not being in school for a year and a half now.  Depression and hopelessness have set in and discouraged students are having to decide if they should quit school all together.  Girls are in danger of early marriage or pregnancy and we can’t bare to see that happen so we decided to order some books, hire some teachers and provide some “home schooling” here at our facility.

Geoffrey, my program coordinator, has printed out study materials for all levels and photocopied papers for all of our students. We have hired teachers who will instruct the students for two days and then send them home to continue this study. They will then return in two weeks for reviews. This is a huge project that will teach 172 students.  They are provided with breakfast and lunch on these days as well.

We also continue to homeschool the children at Manna Rescue Home, which also includes gardening, crafts, art, music and counseling. The children are happy and healthy and we are so thankful for that.

We are so grateful to all of our donors and sponsors who have continued to send money even when there has been no school. This money has enabled us to manage our food program, meet medical needs, and now start our schooling program. We are happy to say that no one in the families or students have experienced a bad case of Covid.