We got a new truck!

Many of you know all the requirements for sending kids back to school. You have a long list of school supplies that have to be purchased, attire that needs to be sorted out, and fees that have to be paid! Imagine having 200 kids! Our staff has been extremely busy making sure students get all the supplies, uniforms, and fees required for them to start. It’s a lot of work but so exciting! Geoffrey, our project coordinator, had to visit over 28 schools!

Results are in for our Senior 4 students and we couldn’t be more proud! We have over 10 strong Division 1 results and 7 strong Division 2 results!

And the excitement continues with thirty new students added to our program! These students stories are devastating but we are so happy to give them the best opportunities possible. With your support, you are helping invest in young people who would have never had the opportunity to get an education. We hope and pray they transform into successful young men and women who can give back to their communities and country.

Our new truck!

After a very long search for a suitable vehicle, and many generous donations to make it happen, we are pleased to announce that we have purchased a truck that is perfect for the program! It is a Toyota Hylux (Double Cabin Pickup). With the condition of the roads (especially in the rainy season) that connect us to families in need, having a reliable vehicle that can easily transport goods and services to these remote areas is important! Also being able to transport supplies to the many different schools is another blessing.

We are so grateful to everyone who donated their hard-earned money to make this possible! Without your generosity and support, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we do. We are constantly humbled by the amazing individuals and organizations that support our work.

Love from the YES Uganda team