Manna Rescue Home

Happy New Year everyone!

We all hope 2021 will be better than 2020 even though it’s off to a rough start. In Uganda we have elections on the 14th of this month and we pray that they do not turn violent. We are also confused concerning what is next for schools and life here in general. There are rumors of another total lock down which would be disastrous.

Concerning our Manna Rescue Home and the children there, we are so very grateful for the huge generous support we have received. We had an emergency situation with a septic tank that no longer worked and now that is fixed along with some major maintenance involving plumbing, kitchen cupboards and countertops and other things. The home is looking good now. More important are the kids themselves. In spite of Covid-19 being rampant in the area, our kids all arrived back from a two week visit to their families over the Christmas holidays in good condition. We have three students now in primary 7 at the home headed back for the third, and last, term of their primary education. They are Tumusiime Nicholas, Atugonza Vincent and Byamukama Gregory Emuron. We ask for prayers for these three boys as they finish their primary schooling. The other kids are being schooled within our home and are not being left behind like so many kids who have no school. We don’t know at this stage when the rest of the classes might resume.

Learning a craft

In our October update we shared the process of preparing the materials for making baskets and mats.  Here are some photos of the children’s finished products.

The families and students within the communities are so happy with the food, mattresses and blankets that were received. We still continue to identify those in need and do what we can to assist. We also have 68 students now back in school in candidate classes as well as other studies such as teachers, nurses and final studies in other training.

My prayers for all of us all over the world as we face this pandemic as well as political unrest. Let us all move into this new year and do whatever we can to care for each other.


Love and gratitude,