Schools are reopening

Great news! After almost a year of schools being closed for most students, Uganda is now allowing three more classes back to school in March and about mid April the rest of the classes are expected to return to school! Our kids need to be in school!  Thankfully, the kids at Manna Rescue Home have been staying on top of their studies with the help of some teachers we have on staff.

Everyday Life in Uganda

Life for most rural families in Uganda is nothing like life in a developed country and protection from the Corona Virus is hard. The culture here is very social and community minded so social distancing is a challenge. Since houses are mostly used for sleeping, staying indoors is not an option.  Cooking, bathing and toilets are all outside the main home. Even eating is outside.

Daily chores include searching for firewood to cook with and going to a local pump, swamp or river to collect water. Most people also have to tend gardens if they are fortunate enough to have land to grow crops.

Masks are required in town shops, churches and other public areas but most of the village people continue daily tasks without masks. Daily food continues to be a huge struggle and many families only eat one meal a day. As a program we try to stay informed when a family is in dire need while also working to see that people do all they can to support themselves and not become dependent.

Thank you so much for continuing to help us support the needs of our community during these very difficult times.