Teaching Skills for Success

Hello all my friends, family and supporters,

We are now headed into a twenty month extension of the partnership of Welthungerhilfe and YES as we continue to develop Amaani Rwenzori as a world class vocational center. We would love to have people with different skills visit and advise us in this exciting project. We are teaching hairdressing and beautician skills, sewing and design along with knitting, ceramics and other skills that are taught outside the center as apprentice training. We would really love volunteers with any of the above skills or other skills that could be added to our program to come and visit us. We also need advice concerning developing a market for many of our items as more and more students get the skills and need a way to sell items they make. Fresh ideas and potential income generating projects to go towards the goal of our training programs to become self sustaining are always welcomed. Please check out our facebook page and contact me at yesuganda@gmail.com with any questions.

A Story of Hope

Atusasire Tomas came to us seeking help in secondary school. He had managed to raise enough money to get through Senior One but found it impossible to continue. His father was alive but he had 3 wives and 27 kids and did not care about education for any of them. Tomas was living with his mom and 8 siblings and in abject poverty but he had a strong faith and desire to make something of his life. He finished senior four well and with his generous Irish sponsor we sent him to become a medical clinical officer. He is now a happy man working in a hospital and caring for many people. His courage and faith has taken him far. We find that a strong positive attitude makes a huge difference.