Back to School

Hello friends, family and donors of YES!

Days have been full and active with much going on here at YES. The kids all finished the first term and are now headed into the second term after a three week break. Our students attend 64 different schools in about a 30 mile radius which include town schools and boarding schools. School systems, grading and school costs are very different here in Uganda than other parts of the world so I’ve written a break down of the grades, costs and things concerned with the Ugandan school system.  You can check it out here: School Levels

Also, here’s a breakdown of the costs of Vocational schools.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Our Manna Rescue Home kids are all doing well after two weeks home with their extended families. We do not want them to lose touch of their families or villages where they come from. Dawn, our volunteer, took them all to a resort with a pool where they really had a great time. They also had a lunch of chicken, sausage, salad and chips–(french fries to Americans.) It was a great way to end first term holiday.

The hostel also has been busy. We just had a Primary School staying with us for a week. They loved the entertainment from a local cultural dance group and enjoyed trying it out themselves.

Here are two students who could use sponsors. The boy is Gamukama Geofrey and is in Senior One at a village school. He is not an orphan but is very vulnerable and deserving of help. His mother has 11 kids and the father is not helping the family at all. I know family planning should be taught but in many village settings the woman has very little say in anything. The father also has 16 more kids outside of the marriage. Geoffrey learned early on that if he wanted anything he would have to work for it. He managed to earn enough money for Primary School but could not earn enough for Secondary. We picked him up and sent him to first term where he finished the best student in his class. He has a great attitude as well.

The other student, Nyakwere Margaret is also very bright and desires an education so much. She is also in Senior One in a town school. Her father died leaving her mom with three kids. She now remarried and has two more children. However the step dad has no interest in helping the step children in school. That is not unusual here in Uganda. We feel these kids deserve a chance in life and we pray that they can go ahead with a successful life with an education.

I thank everyone who continues assisting our program with finances and prayers. If you are supporting a particular child on Paypal may I ask that you list the name of the child with your donations? I find with extra years memory is worse. General aid is also so welcomed as that is how we manage to send so many kids not sponsored to school as well as running the rescue home.

I continue to thank and praise God that I am still able to be here in this beautiful country with these amazing people.

Let me close with a shot of a pretty visitor. I love these colorful lizzards.

My best wishes to you all as you head into the summer months.