Christmas in Uganda

Christmas in Uganda is a time of family gatherings with much singing, prayers and eating! People travel from many areas to their place of birth where the core family lives.  We reached our goal to provide packages of food for about 80 of our most desperate families who struggle with small land and no income.  We were able to provide bags of maze flour, beans, Gnuts, rice, millet flour and cassava flour to each family which would help them with close to 3 weeks of staple food. We also give each family small cash to buy some meat for the day of Christmas.  My staff worked hard through the night preparing these bags and delivered them to the families.

So the children at Manna Rescue Home don’t lose this tradition we have them return to their home areas with extended families. We throw a big party for them and their caregivers before they leave for the holidays and we bless these families with a food package also.

kids and caregivers of MRH

The kids recently got a huge gift of a new playground that they are so excited about.  Thank you to those that donated money toward this need.


Carol at the Christmas fair

Lastly I am thanking God for my health and that I am able to continue His work here in Uganda after going through two major back surgeries. I am also so thankful for the wonderful people in Denver Colorado who were so supportive in a scary time for me.

This holiday season I am enjoying friendship with other expats in the area and will be having Christmas dinner with 4 of them after church on Christmas day. Last week the hotel that is next to ours had a craft fair that was full of fun and music. I even got to wear a silly headband that my sister Marlene sent me last year.

I wish all of you a peaceful and blessed Christmas and holiday season.