Schools Closed Again

We were all so happy here to have students heading back to school on June 7th and we were busy at the office distributing school supplies and other school needs to the many students we assist here. On Friday the 4th, Geoffrey traveled to all 17 schools with lists of fees that were paid at the bank along with required reams of paper and toilet rolls and such. We were secure in knowing that all our students in boarding schools were paid and they could head to school on Sunday the 6th of June. Sunday evening the president gave a speech announcing another lockdown including all schools closing because of the increase of COVID-19. This created a huge number of students who now had to travel home from boarding schools. There would be no travel allowed between districts after Wednesday the 8th.

It was great seeing our students again and connecting with them even though things are delayed for 45 days.

The government ministry hopes to open things back up on July 19th. I do pray that will happen but only time will tell. The education department is aiming for the 20th of September for all classes to begin the 2021 scholastic year.

Manna Rescue Home

For some good news, all of our kids are fine and the kids at the Manna Rescue Home are busy with many activities. I met with them on Wednesday, June 8th and we asked the kids what they would like to be doing.

Some studies will continue and our teachers are working on a varied schedule to keep them learning and enjoying life. One of the boys who graduated from the home 6 years ago has been going back and teaching them how to play the band instruments.

Kids singing with their teacher during their art time.

The video below shows the kids weeding their Emmaus garden that was provided by some generous friends in Hawaii.

Thank you so much for continuing to help us support the needs of our community during these very difficult times.