Making a Difference

In August, three of the U.S. board members for Y.E.S. Uganda (Dawn, Jess, and Gina) got the opportunity to spend time with Carol and her staff. We were humbled by Carol’s hospitality and know that she loves the children in Fort Portal with that same passion. Daily, Carol gets up and starts pouring her heart and soul into Y.E.S. Uganda. Her staff support Carol with that same dedication in daily fighting for children’s health and education. They are working toward growth in each child.

We sat in the office and watched as children came in and the staff included the child in making the best decisions for their specific situation. It amazed me at how the staff truly knew the child and connected with them. Their love is pushing each child toward growth.

One evening, we went to Manna Rescue Home to have dinner with the children. The smiles that are on their faces bring such joy to my heart. The children at the rescue home have already overcome so much and continue to work hard through the education that is provided and the support of the home.

As Y.E.S. continues to grow and support more children through health, education, counsel, etc., there is no shortage of work to be done and ways that they need people to come alongside them to make a positive difference in the lives of so many children. As Jane Goodall said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

To the current donors, we cannot thank you enough for the support you so generously provide. You are the foundation of Y.E.S. If you are just learning about Y.E.S. Uganda and are considering joining in making a difference, there are many ways you can partner with current needs such as building an emergency medical fund, funds for children to get eye exams, and supporting the daily needs of the rescue home.

Thank you Carol and Y.E.S. staff for sacrificially loving and caring for the children of Fort Portal.


Gina, Jess & Dawn