Manna Rescue Home needs your help!


Manna Rescue Home, a program of YES Uganda, provides holistic care for 30 HIV+ children. This crucial, life-giving program offers security, love, education, healthcare, medicine, nutrition, counseling, emotional and spiritual support, and hope to children who otherwise would face very dire situations.

Through the month of September, the US board focused efforts to raise funds to specifically support MRH. (Until now, MRH’s operating expenses have been funded out of the proceeds of the traveler’s hostel operated by Carol Adams, individual sponsorship that helps with school needs and fees and supplemented out of other YES budget categories.) Though we enjoyed some initial response and the partnership of new supporters, we still have a long way to go in closing the gap on the needed funds. If we can gain more partners who specifically want to support the 30 HIV+ children of MRH, the ripple effect is widespread! Not only will the crucial needs at MRH be met, but many more vulnerable children will be able to be served through the YES program in general!

MRH is giving children like Gloria and Robert a beautiful future!

Gloria and her little brother Robert lived in a small village in western Uganda, and were born HIV-positive. Because of the injustice of HIV stigma, their mother Margaret had lost hope and started to die as her HIV advanced to AIDS. About a year before her death she took her children, now ages 9 and 4 years, to Manna Rescue Home, which she had heard about from a neighbor as a safe place for children living with HIV to live, receive life-saving medicine and care, and go to school. MRH accepted Gloria and Robert into their program. Margaret died knowing her children would have the medicine needed to live a long, healthy life with proper nutrition and healthcare, and an education for a future she herself was not able to reach. MRH became a family and safe haven for these siblings. Gloria is now in her last year of high school, ready to start at the university next year and Robert is a healthy 13-year-old boy who loves sports and his friends. These are just two examples of the children of Manna, past and present, who depend on MRH.

On behalf of the children of Manna Rescue Home, Carol Adams and her many staff members in Uganda, and our US board members,

Webale Muno! (Thank you so much!) 

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