Sweet Reunions

Can you believe 2019 is already half over? We have accomplished much in the first half of this year.  This has only been possible through your prayers and faithful giving and for that I sincerely thank each of you.  With your continued support I know that we can continue to bless, help and encourage many more young people who are in so much need. For our June update I wanted to have two recent visitors to share their impression of the work here with you.  Jason and Virginia, accompanied by their father and daughters, stayed with me for 8 days earlier this month and closely viewed all aspects of our operation here in Fort Portal Uganda.  They are both board members on my US board and good friends.  I had a wonderful time sharing  with them what is being done here to help needy deserving youth and wanted them to share their experience with you all.  Their narrative follows:

In 2015 Jason and I lived down the street from Carol for about a year and during that time we developed a friendship with Carol that will be lifelong.  We are so thankful for the time we got to spend with her and we always love visiting her and this beautiful country.  As many of you know, Carol has some intense, funny, sad, scary and inspiring stories to tell.  It’s amazing the experiences she’s had over the years and the impact she’s had on many lives.

During this short trip we were able to hear some new stories of children being rescued from abusive situations that are now safe at her rescue home and children that walked countless miles to reach Carol for help because they were trying to survive with an abusive father and were desperate.  Their father committed suicide and YES was able to reunite them with their mother.   We heard about medical emergencies that came up that she was able to help and hundreds of extremely poor students that were able to return to school through her program.  We were able to visit sponsored children and tell them they are loved and prayed for by people that live far away.  Overall it was a reminder of the very worthwhile work that is happening there in Uganda through YES and the overwhelming need that continues.

While we were there we asked her what her most pressing needs were so we would better know how to support the ongoing humanitarian efforts there. She shared these areas that she considered most important. First, having more funds available for emergency medical situations when the need for help is immediate (one life-threatening situation came up while we were there), and more funding for her rescue home. She runs a hostel which helps support the home but there is still not enough coming in to cover what she is providing for the children at Manna Rescue Home.  Eye care is another concern of hers. She would love to be able to help young students that need eye exams and glasses in order to adequately read, write and continue their academic education.

We were impressed with the professionalism, honesty, dedication and wisdom of Carol and her staff at YES as they daily carry out the mission of caring for the most needy.  Jason and I can both assure you that your contributions to YES Uganda are wisely, efficiently and effectively used to the fullest in helping others.

Thank you so much for continuing to support YES and the amazing work they are doing in Uganda!