Happy to be Home


Hello to all my friends around the world,

I am back home in Fort Portal Uganda after a long two and a half months in Colorado where I received a second back surgery. I am so so happy to be back among my kids and friends in this beautiful country.

I do wish to convey my huge thanks to so many people in Colorado who visited me, prayed with and for me and drove me around to appointments and shopping. I am also overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and prayers on Facebook from all over the world. It was so uplifting during a somewhat scary time for me. Special thanks to the Weiderholt family who put up with me in their home and Jess who visited me daily at the hospital in spite of her very busy schedule. Also Tim Kammerer who faithfully visited me, prayed for me and taxied me around Colorado. The medical staff at the hospital and the rehab were fantastic and cared for me so well. As hard as the experience was the many people involved lifted me.

I arrived back home on the 21st of March. The flights were very difficult but thanks to another dear friend, I had good connections and business class flights. I was just quite sick as my body seemed to have rebelled against the many pain medications I had. I was picked up at the airport and had another 7 and a half hours to arrive home. My driver William was very careful over the rough roads. I could not eat and had severe pains in my stomach for several days but Doctor Henry came on the third day and got me in much better condition and I started feeling stronger.

I managed to visit the kids at Manna Rescue Home reasonably soon after returning and by the 5th day I was also back in the office. There I found my staff and volunteers had been working hard and things were busy with many activities. Dawn Howard, my new volunteer, was already active with working with Gregg on our student database as well as writing letters to sponsors of many of the kids.  If you would like more information about sponsoring a child email Dawn at dawnhoward@yesuganda.org.

The West family had very good news this week with the adoption of the baby they have been caring for since his mom died in child birthing and are now seeking the final papers from the US embassy. It has been a huge struggle as adoption is no longer favored in Uganda.

So much is going on again with the program with first term soon finished, board meetings being held and NGO

paperwork being finished along with ongoing daily challenges. I am stronger every day and thanking God for bringing me back. There is always so much to do but always time for the beauty of the country and enjoying evening sunsets.

I again thank everyone for the ongoing support. You are making such a difference in many lives and giving hope to both students and their extended families.