New Year, New Opportunities

Wow, the first part of this year has flown by with lots of great work happening here at YES! Students have graduated and moved up to either new grades or new schools, children have been rescued while other children at the rescue home have been able to return home, a man has received the medical treatment he needed and friends have visited.

First term started in February which includes checking the student’s exam results. We had 9 Primary 7(P7) finishers and 39 Senior 4(S4) finishers. The P7s have been established in Senior 1 in many secondary schools while the S4 finishers have had to make important decisions concerning their next steps. Very strong finishers go on in Senior 5 and 6 (A level) while others take a vocational direction that includes teaching, nursing, and many service careers such as plumbing, electrician and others. Most of our students are now knowing the direction they hope to take.

Manna Rescue Home has taken in 10 new children who were in dire need of care that we offer. Others have left the home either having graduated to secondary boarding schools or vocational training or have been reintegrated to families who are now able to continue with their care. The children are really enjoying the wonderful playground of equipment of swings, see saw, slide and a merry-go-round that was donated to us.

An employee who was a gate man had a bad accident when he was knocked down by a boda(motorcycle) and he received a very serious break of his upper leg. The local hospital was unable to handle the needed surgery but thanks to many generous donors we were able to get him to Kampala to Nsambia Hospital. There Dr. Moses Magezi, a graduate of the YES program, arranged for his care and surgery. He is now home and doing well and is so thankful for the support and prayers that he received from all over the world.

I welcomed the New Year with the arrival of 2 friends from Ireland. They were full of fun and life and we had many laughs over the next 20 days that they were with me. They went to Manna Rescue Home where they worked hard fixing many things that needed repair. They also helped cut down a huge tree at the hostel that was causing damage with a large root system. I have always loved my fun loving Irish friends.

I think of you all that live in cold countries while we continue enjoying beautiful flowers in Uganda. I would love to have anyone come visit and take a safari with me. I wish you all a wonderful spring and Easter season!