March 2016

Hello everyone,

I recently had a man named Jim West, who is a long time supporter, come and visit me. He came at the same time as my new school teacher, Deanna Baboi, so he was able to help her arrive here and get settled into her new place. Jim helped me with a number of projects in the 8 days he was here which included repairing things at the Manna Rescue Home. I am so thankful for people like him. Their first Sunday here, we visited a crater lake.

Construction on the youth development center is going on very well and it is so exciting seeing the progress. I am also very grateful that the development of this program is under the German organization Welt Hunger Helfe because my staff and myself are quite busy just running the existing program.

The Uganda elections have finished and despite some chaos it has been mostly OK and now all is quiet. People here take their politics very seriously. First term of school is now underway. It began late because the elections were scheduled for the same time period. The kids were anxiously wanting to get back to their studies by the time it began. I am so proud of my Rescue Home kids who have learned how to make school sweaters on a knitting machine we bought for them.

Our country manager David is excited about his upcoming wedding in May. It has been a struggle for him with the culture demanding huge bride prices of many cows. He wants to do it correctly and not just take his loved one to live with him as many do these days.


The rain is back!!!!! We have been in a drought for three months with much dust and brown grass. It amazes me just how suddenly and hard the rains come back and in the city of Kampala there is now flooding and much damage. Here it is good and the grass is growing and greening quickly. I love the smell of the first rains after such a dry spell and all of the frogs are setting up a huge chorus in the evenings.


I hope all of you who are in the cold climates are starting to see the promise of spring and I wish everyone a great March.

My gratitude to all, Carol