Spring Time


Hello friends and supporters of YES,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and are now enjoying the start of spring. I do see that some of you are still having snow but at least you know that it will not last much longer. My Easter dawned with some clouds but ended up a beautiful day. That old saying, “red sky in the morning, sailor take warning” does not seem to apply here.

The kids at the Manna Rescue Home are doing well. Some new young kids are learning to play the band instruments and the older ones are always helpful with them. They are all back in school with some being taught at the home while others walk to the nearby primary school. As our kids get stronger they play and run a lot which does lead to accidents. Our youngest, Ronnie, fell and broke his arm but it does not slow him down at all. Our new teacher Deanna from US is adjusting to Ugandan life and the kids adore her.

WEST Family in Uganda

I am now in the countdown waiting for the West family who plan to come here for several years and help in YES. They hope to get here by September. I really need their help in many directions. They have been to Uganda several times and understand the conditions and challenges involved. I really pray that everything will work out for them.


The buildings at Amaani Rwenzori! are coming up fast. It is so exciting seeing this happen. If there are any people interested in volunteering their talents in teaching different skills please contact me.  I really would love to have a ceramics expert who understands the trade with kilns, wheels and clay quality to come here to advise us. We expect construction to finish by late August. We could also use anyone who understands design and fashion for our sewing students as well as anyone interested in beautician work for our new and modern salon. We hope to have hair styles for the expats as well as for the local population. It is exciting times and we would be happy to have some of you be apart of this new venture.


Lastly, I have joined the modern world—sort of— with a selfie stick. I tried it out with my country director David and myself. It is sort of obvious that I am using it but lots of fun.

Best wishes to all and have a beautiful spring.