Busy days–Exciting times

Hello everyone! My days have been full with so many things happening. The major event is the laying of the first brick ceremony for the Amaani Rwenzori youth development center.This is the fulfillment of a dream for a place for vocational training that I have had now for several years. It is being made possible by very generous German donors. It’s exciting seeing the progress and the finish date is August of this year!

Along with the ceremony many other things are also going on. The first term of school is delayed because of elections but the senior 4 students and primary seven students have received the results of their government exam and we have about 50 students finishing those grades who we are now counseling for the next steps in their schooling. Along with that we have about 240 other students who will be collecting supplies for their first term. We have just finished buying all the supplies to last for the three terms of 2016 so we could get the wholesale prices.


I’ve also had a lot of visitors. I had a couple and their two sons, who were visiting from Rwanda, stay with me and they were able to spend some time meeting some of our sponsored families and play with the kids at MRH.

A good friend who has adopted two kids from MRH was also here with 4 of her 7 children and she spent some time at MRH and threw a party for them.  She’s also involved with helping ladies in the area set up small businesses so they are able to care for their families.

I also had good friend of mine from Canada visiting me, that supports YES.  It has been a very great time seeing these people.

School starts on February 22 so our teacher Peter, at the MRH, has been giving the kids extra teaching. We are looking forward to welcoming our new teacher from the US, Deanna, who is coming on the 18th along with another good friend from Colorado who has been a huge support to YES.


I hope all of you are doing well in the winter months and my US friends are handling the crazy election times. At least our Ugandan presidential elections finish on the 18th and things will slow down a bit.

My best wishes and gratitude to all.