Hello to all my friends, family and donors,

wet roadsWe are well into the rainy season with many roads quite muddy and difficult to use when checking on the kids (this picture is a road, not a river). All of our 260 or so kids who attend 64 different schools have finished first term and are bringing in the school reports. Those with sponsors also are asked to write letters. The office has been so very busy as there are always situations that need interventions or counseling.

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The kids at the rescue home also are allowed to go home for two weeks. We called all of the care givers of these kids in for a meeting where they are told about their child and any health or behavior issues that need watching. We do not want the kids to lose contact with village life and any family they still have. We continue to work on lessening the stigma these kids face with both families and villages.

We received very good news that the Manna Rescue Home has been accepted as one of only 17 homes in the whole country to be approved. The ministry is very strict on the qualifications for orphanages and we worked hard to pass all regulations.


The construction for the Amaani Rwenzori is also coming along well. They are now doing roofing. There is still a lot to be done and interior work on construction always seems to take longer. The training buildings will also need to be equipped with things such as sewing machines, salon equipment for the beautician building and some very huge items for the ceramics studio. It will be an amazing program once things are ready and we look forward to a grand opening sometime late in the year.


I will be away for some time as I am flying out on June 20th. I will be visiting my home town of Skaneateles, New York. It has been 40 years since I have been there. I will meet my brother there and also I hope to connect with some of my classmates from the graduating Class of ’62 (Skaneateles High). I am really looking forward to this visit. I will be in NY for 4 days and then will fly down to Florida where some good friends live. They are going to help me have a “vacation of a life time” going to theme parks and other places of interest. I also will be getting my back problems evaluated at the Florida Spine Institution. My pain is chronic and I hope to be able to resolve things and find a way to continue with my work here for as many years as God allows me.

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I ask you all to continue to keep our kids in prayer. They are incredible and brave young people who face so many issues but continue to look ahead with courage. As my logo for the Manna Home depicts, God holds all children of the world in the palm of His hand.

I continue to thank you all for all of your love, support and prayers. ~Carol