My Travels

Hello friends, family and supporters,

It has been a very long time since I have written a blog. I am now happily home in Uganda after a long but great trip. I started in beautiful Ireland where I met with many old friends.

From Ireland I flew all the way to Oakland California. There I stayed with Chris and CC Ategeka who gave me a wonderful welcome. On Sunday I did a presentation and book signing at St. John’s Oakland Church. I so enjoyed seeing old friends Dawn, Michael and Martha Helms, and many others along with meeting new friends.

I then left San Francisco and flew to my old home of Maui Hawaii. I was sad to find some changes such as my old stable completely bulldozed down along with the house at Pookela Church. However it was great seeing so very many old friends. It was 18 years since my last visit and my friends have aged. I laugh at how memories keep people the same. I was so grateful to Lowell Hanks who welcomed me into his home where I could retreat and relax. My back and health were not holding up very well by the time I reached Maui.

My last stop was visiting my great friends, Jason, Virginia and Mercy Dunn on the Big Island of Hawaii. Even though I was only there for two and a half days I really enjoyed my stay and finally got to the ocean!