Building Bricks

Let the building of the recreation/study house begin!

We are now making our own bricks. To start, a deep hole is dug into the ground in order to get to the best soil.

The dirt is then piled and sieved to remove the rocks.

Next, it is mixed with cement and water and put into a machine that makes one brick at a time.

The wet bricks are then left to outside to dry for about 3 weeks and are then be ready for building. Producing bricks in this way saves a lot of firewood, as we do not have to burn wood to heat/and solidify the bricks – they just dry and harden on their own outside! Once they are dry, they can be used for building as they fit together like leggo and take very little cement or mortar. This is an environmentally friendly way to build and it is also safer because these bricks withstand earthquakes better than the usual burned bricks.

Our building pictures will continue on the blog, so stay tuned for more!