A smile emerges!

There is already a smile. It means a lot to a child to know someone cares about them. This is the boy with the sad face in the last post. His name is Patrick and he is in serious shape. We pray that he will get stronger soon and at least now he knows that he is being cared for and that we love him. He has tuberculosis (TB) as well as a very low CD4 count and we are trying to build him up. He is on medication and being given whatever food he can manage. It is so very hard to see the suffering so many kids go through.

4 thoughts on “A smile emerges!

  1. Thanks for this update. If he needs any money to help pay for his medical support then please feel free to ask me for it.

    Thanks for your good service Chris

  2. Hi Carol, I am a newbee to your website – I spent ages trying to send you Sterling which the computer insisted on converting to dollars which gave you less and in fact, I don’t even know if the transaction went through. Is it me? what’s happening? I would like to send you a small donation every month but I don’t know how to do that on your website maybe you can tell me? thanks and very best wishes – brenda

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