YES Uganda Children and Nutrition

Almost all of the children that come to the YES Uganda program typically only eat one meal a day. This leaves them not only hungry and tired while trying to learn at school, but stunted in growth and very weak nutritionally. They are more prone to sickness, especially malaria which is rampant at this time. Because of this issue we at YES Uganda started a lunch program for the kids a few years ago so at least they could get some added nutrition during the day.

We can feed the children a reasonably good lunch for 50 cents a day but with over 200 children being supported by the program, that cost adds up very quickly. Some of these photos are of the children receiving school lunches and the other photos are of the kitchens of the homes and the difficulties faced by most people and children on a daily basis.

A plate of nutritious local food for lunch at school

Children enjoying a lunch-time meal at school

To cook a meal at home, children and families need fire wood, water and food. They often have to walk long distances for the water and wood and they then need to start preparing what they might have available. Again, they do not have electricity or refrigeration. It can take a long time to prepare a meal.

It can take many hours to find and collect fire-wood for cooking

Preparing a meal in a typical kitchen

A typical kitchen

Again, the children and caregivers often have to weed, plant and dig their land to grow food as well. There are many reasons why the children being supported by YES Uganda struggle more than most in school, especially if they are total orphans and living on their own. We always welcome any donations for these kids to be able to continue to receive lunches at school to support their growth, health and learning.