Kindness & Love

Hello to all my friends, family and supporters,

We just had a break between first and second term and as always term breaks are busy times. We require all students—239— to bring in the reports for first term to us to review.  When there are challenges with certain subjects or personal issues we ask whoever is the caregiver of that student to come in and we work together to find the best solution for each student.  It a great opportunity for us to reconnect with the students and help them where needed.

Also during the school break the Manna Rescue Home kids were given a week long Bible Camp by a missionary family visiting, that included music, sports, art and crafts and many fun things. I am very grateful to Gwen Dear Hansley and her three fantastic kids who worked with the kids.


Here in Uganda there are so many kids from extreme conditions that face great challenges, but the courage shown by these young people and also the kindness and love of complete strangers is quite heartwarming.

The young student in the blue sweater is Racheal.  She was being cared for by her sister who recently died giving birth. This kind lady is just a neighbor who has taken her in as a daughter. Her own children are grown and she lives in a nice home where she said there was enough room and more than enough love for the little girl.

This 14 year old girl, named Margaret, had a care giver with a drinking problem as well as severe health problems. She was grumbling that Margaret was old enough to be a wife and she could possibly get a cow or two for a bride price for her. Thankfully this woman stepped in that is not related to Margaret and started taking care of her, not wanting to see her married off so young.


I want to tell you a story about one of our students named Kabahuma Josephine, who is a young lady who I am so proud of. She has been with us since 2008 and sponsored by a lovely couple from Maui Hawaii all these years. She lived with her grandmother who had 21 orphan grandchildren she was raising. Life was never easy in such a household yet Josephine had a great attitude and smile from the very start. In all our years with her she always worked so hard to make good grades in school and was also a well behaved girl who never complained. She finished her primary school very well and her sponsors allowed her to go into a boarding school for all 6 years of secondary school. She continued striving for the best possible results and has now finished her senior 6 government exam with a grade in the top 5% of the whole country. She is now hoping to get a partial scholarship to a university and is in the city of Kampala applying for this.

There are so many challenges and yet so many rewards working here in Uganda. My area around Fort Portal is high in the Rwenzori Mountain foothills and filled with beauty. Here’s a picture of one of our beautiful crater lake areas. I would love to have any of you come for a visit, just drop me an email.☺

As always I thank all of you who continue to change lives of so many kids giving them a hope and a future.