Program Updates

Our rainy season has been strong and our program to help families get stronger with better agriculture has been in full swing. We work with a German organization, Whelthungerhilfe, that has been a huge contributor towards the agricultural part of our program. We are helping over 300 families who are given seeds and gardening tools […]

Building completion progress

These are the shots of our new recreation/study building. It is almost completed with only the benches around the outside that will double as lockers for kid’s things to be finished. We hope that soon we will have a grand opening and blessing of our building. We will keep all informed.

Sad News

We are saddened to share that on the morning of the 21st of January 2013 our young man Patrick Magume has died. He is the boy we wrote about with the sad face and later with a smile. We have been working so hard to save him. We gave him anything he wanted to eat […]

Building update

The rains have been huge so things have been progressing a bit slowly. The square woodbeams in the photos are cement forms and so are the columns. The one on top is called a ring beam and the wooden poles that seem like a wall are just for support while the cement dries. The walls […]

Building update

The recreation/study building is coming along. These photos do not look like much but is the most important part of the construction. The collumns are what will hold the roof up, and the wires coming from them fit between the fitted bricks. Soon things will be going a lot faster. Keep tuned!    

Building Bricks

Let the building of the recreation/study house begin! We are now making our own bricks. To start, a deep hole is dug into the ground in order to get to the best soil. The dirt is then piled and sieved to remove the rocks. Next, it is mixed with cement and water and put into […]