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Joy was raised by her grandmother and she was living with her in a small village. Joy’s mother and father separated after her birth. Her father is bedridden due to HIV and lives with his relatives in a dilapidated house.


Joy’s mother visited Joy once in a while, her mum is pregnant again so is unable to visit a lot. Joy’s grandmother struggles daily with providing food and school fees. At the moment, Joy is not going to school, but she is a very bright child. She is HIV positive and very skinny for her age.


Joy joined the family at Manna Rescue Home last year, providing great relief to her grandmother, and she is happy knowing that Joy is safe and getting a good education. We have managed to stabilize her on her medication, and Joy is very good at sports. She is the fastest girl at Manna Rescue Home and she is faster than some of the boys. She is very bright and doing excellent in school.

Joy (Manna Rescue Home)

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