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Come and Meet Our amazing Boma Team 

Meet the Heartbeats of YES NGO: Our dedicated team embodies passion, empathy, and unwavering commitment to serving children in need. With diverse backgrounds and shared values, we unite in our mission to create positive change and brighter futures for every child.

Carol Adams

Executive Director

Carol, the founder of YES Uganda, journeyed from Maui, Hawaii to Uganda in response to a calling to do more for the world. At the end of 1995, she boarded a plane and arrived in Uganda. Despite facing numerous challenges, she found her way to Fort Portal, in Western Uganda, where she initiated a child care outreach for the Diocese of Fort Portal. From this effort, YES Uganda was born. Carol is a compassionate individual with a deep commitment to helping others and is a faithful follower of God.

David Paterson.jpeg

David Paterson

Deputy Executive Director

David is originally from Glasgow, Scotland. He is married to Faith and they currently foster 3 Ugandan Girls (Josephine, Precious, and Esther). David and Faith met in Rwanda, fell in love with Africa and planned to return to serve the continent. They now permanently reside in Fort Portal and serve the charity and people of Fort Portal.

Buzaale Geoffrey

Project Coordinator &

Warden of Manna Rescue Home 

Geoffrey is a proud graduate of YES Uganda. He joined the program in 2001 while he was in Senior 2, during a time when his family was struggling to cover his school fees. After the death of his father, YES Uganda stepped in to support his family, providing the assistance they needed. Geoffrey went on to study social work and now works for YES, serving students, schools, and communities with dedication and passion. He is also the warden at Manna Rescue Home and an exceptional project coordinator, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to giving back and making a difference in the lives of others. (learn more about Geoffrey's story below)


Bright Herbert


Bright is a proud graduate of YES Uganda, with his entire family having benefited from the program. He is one of our amazing success stories. Now serving as our accountant, Bright gives back to the charity in numerous ways. He supplies Manna Rescue Home with matoke from his own harvest, demonstrating his commitment to supporting others. Bright knows all the students in our program and their stories, showcasing his dedication and personal connection. He excels at problem-solving and has an amazing family. His mother also works at Manna Rescue Home, making Bright an integral part of the YES Uganda team.

Mwesige Joseph

Landscaper and Maintenance

 (anything needing fixing ask Joseph!)

Meet Joseph, our talented Landscaper and Maintenance Man. Whether it's fixing something or creating beautiful outdoor spaces, Joseph is the person to ask! Known for his kindness and practical nature, Joseph brings a wealth of skills to our team. He honed his expertise through the YES program, which has equipped him with a broad range of talents. Now, he continues to work with YES Uganda, contributing to their mission and applying his skills to benefit the community. Joseph's commitment to quality and his friendly demeanor make him an invaluable asset to our team.


Come and Hear Geoffrey's Story

Come And Meet Our Amazing Team At
Manna Rescue Home  

Meet the Heart and Soul of Manna Rescue Home: Our devoted team of 16 staff members radiates passion, empathy, and an unwavering dedication to supporting children in need. With diverse backgrounds and a common vision, we come together in our mission to foster positive change and build brighter futures for every child. Our team includes cooks, cleaners, a maintenance man, guards, a nurse, a teacher, a house mum and house master, admin staff, and an activities coordinator, all working together to create a nurturing and supportive environment.

Faith Paterson

Assistant warden (Manna Rescue Home)

Faith is originally from Lewes, England. She is married to David, and they currently foster three Ugandan girls: Josephine, Precious, and Esther. Faith is a qualified nurse who specializes in wound care and end-of-life care. She became interested in nursing after encountering a young boy from Rwanda who had a severe wound. She treated the wound, and even though it was severely infected, he returned to full health. She now serves as the Assistant Warden at Manna Rescue Home, supporting the care plan for 30 children living with HIV and AIDS.

image00001__2_-removebg-preview (1).png

Kenneth Muhereza

House Master & Head Teacher

Kenneth is the dedicated Head Master at Manna Rescue Home's homeschool, where he oversees both the teachers and the activities coordinator. As a dorm master, he plays a crucial role in managing the boys' dormitory. With years of service, his unwavering commitment to the children, many of whom are living with HIV and AIDS, is truly remarkable. Kenneth's deep faith and fatherly presence make a significant impact. Despite working seven days a week, his kindness and devotion never waver. We are incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing person as part of our team.

Vicky Byarugaba

Day Nurse

Vicky, our exceptional Day Nurse, has been an integral part of Manna Rescue Home since the beginning. With an unparalleled knowledge of the home and a memory that spans every child who has passed through its doors, Vicky is a cornerstone of stability amidst changing staff. Her unwavering dedication has seen her through countless challenges, providing solace and care to the children in both medical and spiritual aspects. Vicky's inspiring faith and kindness make her not only a nurse but also a pillar of support and love. Without her, our home wouldn't feel like home.


Olive Kajumba

Night Nurse & Day Nurse

Olive, a dedicated nurse at Manna Rescue Home since 2013, tirelessly works both day and night shifts to care for the children. Serving as both a day nurse, attending to their medical needs and well-being during the day, and a night nurse, ensuring their comfort and safety as they settle in for the night, Olive's commitment knows no bounds. With her wealth of experience, having been qualified since 2000, she combines professionalism with a loving, fun spirit. Olive enjoys building relationships with the children, often sharing laughter and joy. Her unique blend of expertise and compassion makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

Josephine Kijumba

Night Nurse

Josephine, our dedicated night nurse, has been an essential member of the Manna Rescue Home team since 2019. Throughout the night, she ensures the safety and comfort of the children, offering care and support when they need it most. From helping 5-year-olds settle into bed to overseeing the girls' dorms for those up to 18, Josephine's expertise spans all ages. Her vast knowledge and experience enable her to manage the dormitories efficiently while creating a nurturing environment for the children. With a firm yet compassionate approach, Josephine knows how to maintain order while ensuring that each child feels valued and cared for.


Beatrice Bagambaki

House Mother & Coordinator for Cook/Cleaner/Guards 

Beatrice plays a vital role in keeping the team at Manna Rescue Home running smoothly. Her family has been positively impacted by the project, giving her a deep understanding of its significance. Since MRH opened in 2008, Beatrice has been in charge of food procurement, managing the guards, cleaners, and cooks, and taking children to their hospital appointments. As the House Mother, she looks after the children with great care and dedication. Without her, MRH would not be running as smoothly as it does.

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