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Our Amazing History

YES Uganda

Carol Adam felt a profound calling within her heart to journey to Uganda, and in 1996, she embarked on this transformative path. Settling in Fort Portal West, Uganda, she found solace in the conviction that this was where God had called her to be. Nestled in the quaint village of Kasusu, she witnessed the plight of vulnerable children and took action to assist her community.

Opening her home, Carol extended a helping hand to those in need, laying the foundation for what would become YES Uganda. Through unwavering dedication, YES Uganda flourished into a beacon of hope, touching the lives of many. Manna Rescue Home, once Carol's sanctuary, now stands as a haven for 30 HIV-positive children, a testament to her enduring commitment. Carol, now intertwined with the YES Office, has furthered her impact by establishing the YES Hostel, ensuring that every penny flows back into the Manna Rescue Home.

Approaching her 80th year, Carol reflects with gratitude on her profound connection to Uganda, affirming it as her true home. Her vision is simple yet profound: to extend love and support to as many children as possible, fostering a legacy of inclusivity and compassion. Throughout her journey, Carol has assembled an exceptional team, each member committed to carrying forward her remarkable work with unwavering faith and unconditional love.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

- Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

We have had approximately 112 HIV-positive children pass through Manna Rescue Home and over 2000 through the YES program, where many have embarked on diverse career paths. Some have blossomed into entrepreneurs, skilled tailors, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, and the list continues to expand. Being involved in the lives of so many children, witnessing their growth, and contributing to the YES Uganda family is truly a remarkable experience.


Discover more inspiring stories about the children who have completed our program and see the incredible things they are achieving now. Scroll down to learn more.

Carol Adams story

Read about Carol's History and her journey to Uganda, Grit of Love!

In this inspiring book, lifelong philanthropist Carol Adyeeri Adams brings signature clarity, compassion, and sense of humor to the essential question of how to love. After experiencing a newfound awakening to faith, Carol makes her way to Fort Portal Uganda to start and run a Charity. There she devotes her life to the work of service helping the orphans, the poor and the marginalized. Along the way, she faces many tests but finds herself and her calling in the process. Her journey gives us an inside glimpse into the life of an unsung hero to so many.
Not everyone will choose the same path that Carol A. Adams traveled, but all of us can find our own meaningful work in service to others in our own way. She shares that it all starts with freeing ourselves from society's unrealistic expectations and focusing on creating a positive impact that the world needs.
Carol's story is one of faith, and triumph against all odds, but also a tender moving tale of unconditional love for others, despite flaws.
Whether you are an individual looking for inspiration or someone who wants to be a change-maker in your community, Grit of Love will show you how much fiery determination it takes to carve out a life of meaning and purpose on your own terms.

Here Are Some Of Our Amazing Story's

Christopher's Story 


Orphaned at an early age, Chris spent his formative years in extreme poverty, but he always had a strong desire and a knack for school. Unfortunately, school was out reach due to costs associated with acquiring an education.

YES discovered and helped Chris with a scholarship to attend school. He studied diligently, and upon graduation, his US-based sponsors invited him to live with them and attend college in California.

Chris eventually graduated with both a Bachelor's and a Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He was the commencement speaker for the graduating class of Engineers in 2011 at UC Berkeley.
Since then, he has dedicated his professional career on finding solutions to the challenges at the intersection of technology and society. 

He is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and ran several companies in different sectors. 

Chris is an investor in several startup companies, a mentor at multiple tech startup incubators like Techstars and Unreasonable Institute, whose aim is to give altruistic entrepreneurs skills and funding to affect large-scale change.

In addition, Chris also serves on the evaluation panel that helps identify organizations to be awarded $1 Million or $2 Million each from the incredible $640 million funding by Ms. Mackenzie Scott and the team at Yield Giving.


He is also an author to 7-books. The Unintended Consequences of Technology: Solutions, Breakthroughs, and the Restart We Need; LifeSmith: How Asking the Right Questions Can Unlock Your World; and The Money Mirror: Reflecting on your Financial Beliefs and Behaviors...and all of his other titles can be found on amazon, barnes and nobles, targe and all places books are sold world wide.

Chris has won numerous international awards for his work, including TED Fellow, Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30, Ashoka Fellow, Echoing Green Fellow, the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader (YGL), and most recently, he has been honored at his alma mater by Chancellor Carol Christ and the UC Berkeley Foundation Board of Trustees with a 2021 Mark Bingham Award for excellence in achievement by a young alumnus in the last ten years.


Chris now lives in California with his partner and two children


Moses's Story 

Moses's story is one of remarkable determination, courage, and unwavering faith in the face of unimaginable challenges.

As a baby, Moses was abandoned on the roadside, but fate intervened when a kind-hearted woman found him and took him to a hospital. She decided to take him in, and for the first six years of his life, he found a semblance of stability with her. However, his world turned upside down when he was sent to work as a houseboy for a soldier (in the army). This new life was fraught with instability, frequent relocations, and substandard living conditions. Despite being burdened with chores like gathering firewood, cooking meals, fetching water, and hand-washing laundry, Moses showed incredible resilience by attending primary school whenever he could.

Life took another harsh turn when his employer, whom he saw as a father figure, was convicted of a crime. forcing Moses to move into the jail with him. Yet, just when hope seemed distant, his former caretaker learned of his plight and welcomed him back into her home, re-enrolling him in school. Despite the trauma and disruptions, Moses excelled academically. His journey to education, however, was not easy—it required a grueling 30-mile round trip. To afford his tuition, he cleaned the school early every morning, a task that became increasingly strenuous.

The turning point came when Moses received a YES Scholarship, allowing him to cover his tuition and rent a small room near the school. His fortunes further improved when he began living with Carol. She said he was “God’s gift to me.” Reflecting on their time together, Carol shared, “He lived with me throughout his school years and taught me so much. As a newcomer to the country, I was quite naive and often very sick with malaria. Moses, still just a schoolboy, learned to administer IV drips to care for me.”
Inspired by his role as a caretaker, Moses aspired to become a doctor. His hard work paid off when he was accepted into medical school in Ukraine. He thrived there, graduating at the top of his class and delivering his commencement speech in Russian. Despite a job offer in the United States, Moses felt a deep commitment to give back to his homeland. Today, he is married, has three beautiful children, and serves as the head of surgery at a major hospital in Kampala.

Moses’s journey from an abandoned baby to a leading surgeon is a testament to the power of perseverance, kindness, and the unwavering human spirit.


Priscilla's Story 


Carol first came across Priscilla back in 2001 when she was a very little girl. Priscilla's mother, Beatrice, had four children, including Priscilla. Beatrice was battling HIV, AIDS, and tuberculosis and had to travel to Kampala, a seven-hour journey from their village, for treatment. She left her twelve-year-old son, Bright, in charge of his three younger siblings. Priscilla, the youngest, missed her mother dearly and struggled with the separation.

Recognizing their dire situation, Carol enrolled all four children in the scholarship program. During Beatrice's year-long absence for treatment, Bright took on the responsibility of caring for his siblings. Carol, living in the same village, became close friends with the family. The children often visited Carol, finding comfort and support from her presence.

When Beatrice returned from treatment, she was bedridden for a long time. Priscilla, despite her young age, took on the role of caregiver, looking after her mother with remarkable dedication. Carol, moved by their plight, helped pay for some of Beatrice's treatment and developed a strong bond with the family.

In 2008, Beatrice started working at Manna Rescue Home when it opened, contributing to the community that had supported her. Priscilla continued her education, reaching S4 and then attending college to become a teacher. She now teaches at Glory to Glory Primary School and is loving her life, thriving and giving back to her community.

Priscilla’s journey, from a little girl facing immense challenges to a dedicated teacher, is a testament to resilience, the power of education, and the profound impact of compassionate individuals like Carol who step in to help those in need.

Steven's Story 


Steven lived with his grandmother, who was responsible for Five children, including Steven. Unfortunately, his grandmother could no longer take care of them, and the situation became dire. The youngest child, who was HIV positive, was sent to a children's home, while the other four children were left to fend for themselves.

Carol found out about their plight and managed to get all four children into a scholarship program. She also helped arrange foster care for them. Over the years, the four children were moved from one foster family to another, transitioning through three to four different families. Eventually, it was just Steven and his sister who remained without a permanent guardian, as they were still in school and very young.

Seeing their continued need, Carol rented a small room for Steven and his sister. A friend of Carol’s, from whom they rented the room, kept an eye on them, providing much-needed support and stability. Despite these challenges, Steven excelled academically, finishing first in his P7 class.

Steven's outstanding academic performance caught the attention of his sponsors, who generously funded his university education. Through hard work and dedication, Steven has now been appointed as a magistrate in Uganda. He is committed to giving back to YES Uganda, the organization that played a crucial role in his journey.

Steven’s story is a testament to resilience, the power of education, and the profound impact of compassionate individuals who step in to help those in need.

Victoria's Story 


I became orphaned at a very young age and grew up under the care of my grandmother, who had retired from her job as a midwife. Despite her limited resources, she managed to send my sister and me to good primary schools, and I achieved Division One in my PLE. We later joined secondary school, but it was challenging because my grandmother couldn't afford the fees for both of us and my two little brothers.

I had heard about the YES program at the Ruwenzori Diocese. One day, after being sent home for school fees, I decided to visit their office. Fortunately, Carol was there. We explained our situation to her, but she told us that it wasn't possible to help at that time. We were referred to another organization that assisted children, but they couldn't admit us either. At that point, I was in Senior One. We remained hopeful and returned to Carol, and this time, we were lucky. She promised to find us a sponsor. A year later, we were introduced to a family who sponsored me and covered all my school needs until I completed college.

During my school years, I was hardworking, committed, and well-disciplined. I even received an award for being the most disciplined girl at Mpanga Secondary School, which made Carol proud.

I completed my teacher training at Nakaseke Core PTC and was fortunate to secure a teaching position with the Kabarole District Local Government, where I still work at Bwanika Primary School. I have been blessed with many talents and skills, which I have passed on to many children. These include singing, dancing, art and craft, and guidance and counseling, among others.

In 2019, I returned to school to pursue a Diploma in Primary Education. Although the COVID-19 lockdown interrupted my studies, I completed the course in January last year, earning a First Class Diploma in English Language and Music from Kyambogo University. I was also the top student in my class. If possible, I would like to enroll for a bachelor's degree in the same field, provided I can obtain a study leave with pay from my employers, as it is a full-time course that must be done at the main campus. Otherwise, I will have to wait until I can afford the tuition.

Apart from teaching, I volunteer with the Uganda Girl Guides Association Kabarole, where I:

  1. Skill children in making reusable pads.

  2. Offer guidance and counseling to children.

  3. Provide music, dance, and drama training.

  4. Engage in any other activities within my means.

I am deeply grateful to Adyeeri Carol, the family of Willy and Waultraud Bonsels, the entire YES team, and everyone who has journeyed with me thus far. May God continue to reward you for your good deeds that have improved the lives of many people.

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