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Preston is the firstborn of a single mother who is HIV positive. His mom lives in a rented room and does not have a house or land for her family. Preston is the oldest child in his family and has two younger siblings. When his mom goes to work, he is in charge of his siblings. His mother does casual jobs to survive, but sadly, most of the time, she is not working, so she can barely find food to feed her children. Each of Preston’s mom’s children has a different father, but sadly none of them are around or anywhere to be seen.


Preston is small for his age, likely due to inadequate nutrition and being HIV positive. He has always wanted to go to school, but unfortunately, his mom has not been able to gather enough money to pay for school fees, let alone food for the family.


Preston joined the family at Manna Rescue Home last year, providing great relief to the family. We have managed to stabilize him on his medication, and he was so excited to receive an education. He is now learning how to be a young child again instead of the responsible adult he had to be for his family.

Preston (Manna Rescue Home)

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