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Chris used to live with his great-grandmother in a village. His father did not want him, and his mother is also not around. Chris faced severe stigma for having HIV and AIDS, which made him feel unsafe at home. As a result, he ran away and spent many nights in the forest or on the streets. His great-grandmother was too weak and old to care for a teenager and unable to provide for him properly. We found Chris living alone in the forest, scared of being around people when we first got him. Chris was not taking his HIV medication and had become very skinny.


Manna Rescue took Chris in, and he is now attending school and enjoying life. It took him a long time to settle into the Manna Rescue Home, and he initially struggled with running away from his problems. However, as he began to feel more loved and secure, his true personality started to shine, and he is now enjoying being a young child again.

Chris (Manna Rescue Home)

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