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Brian lives with his aunt, mother, and five siblings. His sister is a member of Crazy Love. The father does not offer any support, leaving the family to struggle to provide basic needs for the children. Brian's mother and aunt work tirelessly to make ends meet, often taking on multiple jobs just to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.


The family resides in a modest home, where resources are stretched thin, and every day is a challenge to ensure that the children have what they need. Despite these hardships, Brian remains hopeful, he is eager to learn and help his family however he can.


Brian’s potential was recognized by the YES Uganda program, which has stepped in to support him. Now, with the help of YES Uganda, Brian is attending school and has access to the resources he needs to succeed. He is thriving academically and is full of promise for a brighter future. We are excited to see all that Brian will accomplish with the support and opportunities now available to him.


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