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We need a truck!

Our staff here at YES work very hard to identify vulnerable children in the community who are in need.  Much of the work we do is in the field so our vehicle has a very important role!

Unfortunately our Maruti is on it’s last leg…wheels.

Here are some examples of the work we do in the field:

1. School Supplies: All the schools (32 secondary and primary, plus 13 vocational schools) need us to deliver supplies that are required for students. Supplies include toilet paper, reams of photo copy paper, notebooks, pencils, and brooms.  Some schools even require the students to bring cement and fence posts!  We handle the delivery for these students to each school.  With over 300+ students in our program, that requires several hundred kilometers of travel each term!

2. Delivery to Homes: Often we are reaching out to very needy families in the surrounding areas who have no way to get supplies on their own such as beds and mattresses.  We help child headed families and families that are cared for by elderly.  We also deliver food in emergency situations.

(This is a truck we had to rent to transport these beds)

3. Home visits: It is very important to oversee where the kids in our program come from. We only want to help the most vulnerable so some investigative work has to take place.  Once the student is in the program we continue to monitor the families situation.

4. School Visits: When a student is having problems in school, we visit the school to help resolve the issue.

5. Medical Emergencies: Sometime we get medical emergency calls where a child is in need of immediate medical attention.  We help provide the transportation and the funds to pay the hospital bills.

6. Manna Rescue Home kids: The children we house at our rescue home return to their relatives during the holidays.  It is important for us to check out these homes where they will be staying before they go.  Often food deliveries are needed to help these relatives.

7. Trips to Kampala: Keeping up with the legal paperwork to run an organization here in Uganda, without a trusty mail system, requires many trips to the capital.  Not everything can be done here in Fort Portal, such as NGO renewal and Rescue Home registries.  They also require us to deliver informational papers on the Rescue Home to four different sub counties.

As you can see, much of our work takes place in the field.  We are looking to purchase a double cabin pickup truck with a tarp cover to continue to provide for these many needs.

Will you help us?


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