Y.E.S. Kitumba Vocational School

The original thoughts for a vocational school grew out of the need for a direction for the older kids who age out of the Rescue Home in Kasusu. We are finding that the kids leave the structured environment of the home with only a minimum of scholastic education. They return to their home area and have no plans nor hope for a future. They soon get discouraged and no longer take their drugs and do not take care of themselves either. The Vocational center would be a place where they could learn a useful trade and get possible employment or even be self employed and self sufficient. They would get trained in basic business management as well as a skill and would be extensively counseled on the importance of drug adherence and good nutrition.

With these thoughts a search for land began early this year—2013. A friend from Colorado who visited also has picked a huge interest and is partnering with us. A very good piece of land was found in Kitumba with both water and electricity access and was purchased in July of 2013.

As the YES staff and other interested parties talked and dreamed about the vocational school we realized that a really good vocational center was very much needed in the area and our plans have grown to include many exciting vocations that will be offered to a larger number of students. We are still in the beginning stages, but are so excited about our new direction. The last two pictures on my blog show me signing for the land soon after returning from California where I had neck surgery.