Trusting God through the good and bad

The YES Uganda Christmas Catalog 2017 was a big success! Generous donations came in and not only did two new secondary school students get fees paid for the entire next school year, more children will have hot meals at school next term, and we were able to deliver many other gifts! Two new goats will provide many meals for families, 4 mattresses went to families who were having up to 4 children sharing old mattresses, and 27 families got chickens that they can use for meat or eggs. Also, seven “Mamma Kits” were delivered through Mercy for Mammas, a local non profit that provides sanitary supplies to enable mothers to give birth safely. Thank you for your generosity and remembering those in need during this holiday season where so many people have more than they need.

We are sad to share that Carol Adams is currently awaiting another back surgery.  She flew to the US and is staying with good friends.   We are still unsure at this time what happened to make her back fall apart but she doesn’t believe the surgery she received in India was a mistake or even done incorrectly.  4 screws and a spacer from between her vertebrae have all come loose and she is patiently waiting for the American doctors to come up with a plan on what to do next.  There are many reasons this could have happened because backs and back surgeries are so unpredictable.  Unfortunately technology hasn’t quiet figured out the back completely or how to fix it.  Please pray with us for Carol.  God is the creator of her back and we believe He can fix her!  We pray God gives the doctors wisdom and Carol peace.  Please also pray for all the staff back in Uganda keeping things going.