Transforming a cow shelter into a classroom!

This is a photo of the old cow shed/shelter that we hope to turn into a class room and general play area for rainy days for the children that live at the Manna Rescue Home. The cow is now grazing in a neighbors pasture and does not require the shed anymore. This is the first picture of more to come as we start construction. We will be building with ecology-friendly bricks that do not need to be burned in order to harden them – therefore it saves much firewood from being burned.  Instead – these bricks are made with sand and cement and the dirt from our own land. Then they are compressed into a machine and dried in the sun. Keep tuned as we build!

As many of you know, our kids at the rescue home have a difficult time in public school. They often arrive at our home after having missed a lot of school because they have been so sick. Then when we send them to school they are bullied, laughed at and called “dummy” and other names. I have wanted to build a class room at the home for some time so that the children can be helped with private teaching/tutoring until they are strong enough to feel confident in a public school.

I also hope to add a room where a volunteer or teacher could live if they wanted to work with our kids.

This has been on my mind for some time and after talking with some people from the organization we decided that “one brick at a time” we would convert the cow shed into this much needed building. Since our cow now lives with a herd of cows in pasture, she is happy and the children get her milk daily. I decided not to keep her on the rescue home land as she was not always cared for properly and we have enough to do to keep the home running smoothly without worrying about a lonely cow!

And so because of the many generous people who contribute to the program and the prayers that more can be raised we plan on starting our class room building soon!