Hello everyone,

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying lovely autumn weather in some parts of the world.

Things at YES are ongoing. Our current project at Manna Rescue Home is the construction of a toilet/shower building for the boy’s dorm. It is still in the beginning stages as the picture shows.


With the US Thanksgiving holiday coming up, my mind has been on many things. I realize the lives we live and the privileges we have become normal and expected, but I do hope everyone there can stop, think and thank God for the many many wonderful things in life. Running water, electricity, houses with furniture, beds, machines, good medical care and shopping places and so many other things that are seen as “normal” and a right to have. I want to share these photos so you can see how most of my kids live.

Clothes and dishes are washed by hand with water they often have to carry from long distances.  This man has running water so he is fortunate.


Houses are often in very poor shape with old people trying to survive with orphaned grand children.


Medical care is scary. The boy in the picture had to wait 3 days to get an xray and we searched three hospitals before we got him a bed in a junked up storage room. We supplied the bedding and mattress and his food and care had to be done by family members.

Douglas with broken leg

Douglas with broken leg

Many things are transported by bicycles and people work hard to raise small money selling produce.

heavy loads of matooke

This sounds as if I am painting a very dark picture of Uganda and life here. However, what is amazing is there is much joy and happiness among the people who have so little. The picture of the ragged children does not make a person feel pity because they are happy. They greet each other on the streets and I can not walk anywhere without smiles and hellos from everyone I pass.  The Christianity is strong here and Sundays will find the roads filled with people walking long distances to church.

uganda kids

Lastly, the beautiful sunset from my back deck shows the beauty all around. I continue to thank God for calling me here to be a part of this adventure.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone and happy days to my European and Canadian friends!


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  1. Hi Carol.. Judi Gentry here. How are you and are you back in Uganda? Seems you are. I support 3 projects in Uganda, one at Lake Bunyoni. We had emailed each other, just before you traveled to Berkeley/ Oakland for treatment.

    Hope you’re well now and I will try to visit your project someday. Let’s be in touch! Judi Judi Haven Gentry Help Uganda Kids

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