The Team of Youth Encouragement Services

The Team of Youth Encouragement Services

Carol Adams
Executive Director and Founder of Y.E.S
<< I am so happy to be involved in this exciting and rewarding work here in Uganda. >>

Tumwiine David
Country Director of Y.E.S
<< Restoring the lost hope to orphans and other vulnerable children  is the reason for my work. >>

Bright Herbert
Accountant of Y.E.S / Amaani Rwenzori !
  << I am so proud and happy for the Y.E.S program work done for the orphaned and vulnerable children. >>

Kisembo Florence
Manager of the Y.E.S Hostel

Aliganyira John
Night Watchman at Y.E.S

Mwesige Joseph
Landscaper at Y.E.S /Amaani Rwenzori !

Tinkasimire Kassim
Gate Watchman at Y.E.S

Byarugaba Vicky
Head Matron at MRH

Abesiga Monica
Night Mother at MRH


Bagambaki Beatrice
House Manager at the MRH

Mbabazi Janerose
Cook at the MRH

Kajumba Olive
Assistant Matron at the MRH

Keeya Joseph
Watchman at the MRH

Abigaba Peter
Teacher at the MRH
 << Y.E.S has done a distinguished work in Tooro region and God should bless Carol. >>

Mwesigwa Paddy
Watchman for MRH

Kyakygo Margret
Cleaner at the MRH

Rugumayo Stephen
Watchman & Driver for MRH

Kabakwenda Emelda
Cook at the MRH

Tereza Kabasinguzi
Cook for MRH

Theo Riedke
Project Manager for Amaani Rwenzori !

Magezi Moses
Business Coordinator for Amaani Rwenzori !
<< God bless the good work of Y.E.S for transforming the lives of vulnerable families in Kabarole district. >>

Benjamin Kennedy
Deputy Project Manager at Amaani Rwenzori !
<< Best place, good timing, best position to contribute to the desired change. >>

Isingoma Fred Baker
Vocational Skills Coordinator for Amaani Rwenzori !
 << God bless the hands that donate to Y.E.S. >>

Kyomuhendo Jessica
Cashier at Amaani Rwenzori !

Nsanze Robert
Gate Watchman at Amaani Rwenzori !

Juma Friday
Driver at Amaani Rwenzori !

Byentaro Moses
Head of Department Pottery & Ceramics for Amaani Rwenzori !

Namara Christine
Head of Department Hairdressing and Beautition for Amaani Rwenzori !

Kebirungi Phiona
Coffee Shop Attendant for Amaani Rwenzori !

Happy James
Watchman for Amaani Rwenzori !

Monday John
Watchman for Amaani Rwenzori !

Baguma Joseph
Watchman for Amaani Rwenzori !

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)