Summer in Uganda

To all my friends and donors,

Life continues to be full working in beautiful Uganda. I thank God to be a part of this program and people here. My health has been a bit up and down but at 71 years I am still quite strong with many things to do.

The construction of the boy’s dorm at the Manna Rescue Home is almost complete with only finishing of painting, floor tiles and moving beds in left.

The home for the child headed family also has been finished. The five kids have moved in last week. We thank the generous donors towards  both projects so much.

IMG_2825 IMG_2828

The Knapp family is settling in and are learning about all the aspects of the program. They are teaching a vacation Bible camp to kids at the rescue home during the three week term break as well as assisting me with reports coming in from over 300 kids. It is a busy time with seeing many kids with various issues and encouraging them to keep up the struggles of their lives.

Another project that I have not covered much is HALISK, a German funded agricultural and life skills program that is reaching over 500 families. Our field officers are doing a fantastic job. In just some photos we have an onion harvest, planting on a hillside along with learning how to handle local credit and savings schemes. This program has been touching many lives and improving nutrition and reducing poverty in  many ways.

Lastly our dream of a vocational center is looking very good. We are in final stages of negotiations on land and I will wait until things are finalized to share the exciting details.

All of us in our busy lives need to learn to let go and relax after our long days. This tree lion shows us how, although I still prefer a comfortable bed.


Let me wish all of you a wonderful summer season that is fast winding down.