September 2013 News

Hello everyone, It has been a very long time since I last blogged. I had surgery on June 8th with two discs being removed in my neck and replaced with plastic and then two flat bars were screwed between C 5 to C7. It has been a remarkable surgery and I am now much stronger than I was. I came home on July 9th. I thank the doctors and my California friends who made this possible.

Once home I was full speed ahead. The first very exciting event was the purchase of some very nice land near the town. We have big plans to develop a residential vocational center on that land. It is very needed, especially for the Manna Rescue Home kids once they are of age and out of the home.

new land new land2

Another exciting new venture is the establishment of a brass band for the children of the home. This was all donated by the youth of the St. John’s Church of California. These pictures are from the day the instruments came to the office and the kids will be starting training this weekend. My staff seemed to have a great time with them.


The last news in this blog is the wonderful playground that was built at the home by an organization called “ One Brick at a Time”. We are all so grateful to them and the kids are having a wonderful time.

playground3 playground2 playground

I will try to keep you updated more often but we have not been sleeping! ;o)