Schooling at the Rescue Home

Hello everyone, Things here are going well with many things happening as always. The first term of school for 2015 is soon getting out and we pray that the kids are doing OK.  Like I mentioned in previous posts, we’ve had a retired school teacher come here to work for a year and work with some of the children at the home. Her name is Ellen and here is a message from her explaining what she is doing,


Ellen teaching at MRH

“Commencing this academic school term, The Manna Rescue Home started a remedial school for eight orphans who had failed their exams and experienced difficulty in keeping up with their peers in local schools. These difficulties are mainly attributed to gross classroom overcrowding and stigmatization of the orphans due to their medical condition. This program is run on site in the classroom block with two qualified teachers. Focusing mainly on Maths and English, each student receives personal remedial attention catered for their appropriate level. The school also offers subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Christian Religious Education, art, music and games.   The ethos of the school is to encourage each student to do their best, to develop in character, and to grow in skills for a bright and hopeful future. Teachers provide a caring and compassionate environment to enhance the joy of learning. These kids are now gaining confidence that they never had before and are eager for school daily. They now have hope and are realizing that they are not “stupid” as they have been told. It is very rewarding and exciting to see these changes.”


At the Manna Rescue Home we are hoping to raise some funds to build a new boy’s dorm. There are two problems with the existing dorm. One, as the picture shows, it is too crowded. The other bigger concern is that the ministry of gender in Uganda inspected the home and they are not happy about the two dorms (girls and boys) being so close and in the same building. They also insisted that an adult needed to be there with the boys at night. We have hired a man to be there but that made a crowded situation even worse.


Current Boys Dorm

Therefore we have designed a building that is earth quake resistant as well as much more spacious. We will be updating all of you with pictures as we move forward with this new project. It should run about $20,000 US dollars to complete.


Design for the New Boys Dorm

Once this dorm is completed we will turn the old dorm into a classroom where we can continue to help these kids in their education.

Thanks again for your continued support!  We are happy to share that 4 more children are now sponsored at the home!