Y.E.S Scholarship

  • Running since 1996
  • Over 1000¬†students have successfully¬†graduated from the program
  • 280 students are currently sponsored

We provide the chance to attend school for the very poorest and neediest of children by paying for their school fees, boarding fees, lunch fees, uniforms and scholastic materials. In addition the funds are raised to pay for basic health care, including inoculations.

“In Everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

Source: UNICEF, UNAIDS, Youth Encouragement Services

The basic idea of the program is to improve the welfare of orphans and vulnerable children through the provision of basic necessities, health care and education, so as to help alleviate poverty among them.
The program was established in 1996 by Carol Adams. It started out with the support of 5 students. Carol managed to raise funds from churches all over the world and the program became international. Y.E.S evolved and so did the scholarship program. Since then priorities have been encountered and regulations developed. The number of beneficiaries increased and 19 years later we are currently funding 280 students. 82 in Primary, 148 in Secondary and 50 in Vocational Training (December 2015).

What are our activities?
The program operates in the region of Kabarole District in Western Uganda. We identify orphans and vulnerable children who can not afford education, health care or even basic necessities. The scholarship will fund their school fees and offers basic medical assistance. In extreme cases we provide bedding, blankets, food and shelter. The scholarship also includes a lunch program. All children will receive school lunch. Where none are provided by the school we make sure a local caterer supplies them. Our social workers consult during our visiting hours in our office as well as in the field at the homes of our beneficiaries. We ensure an individual assistance by monitoring performance and development and holding up to our ethos and regulations.

How do we select?
The selection of the children in need is an important part of our work. We work together with the local administration, health centres, schools and the community representatives to identify potential candidates. A bigger part of applicants for admission to the program present themselves at our office or submit a written application at the beginning of the school year.

Unfortunately we can not support all of them. To the best of our knowledge and belief and with years of experience we check the information given to us and reduce the number of initial applications. The remaining applicants are subjected to a field investigation by our social workers who assess and categorize home conditions. This data background helps us to decide on who we can grant a scholarship.

Who do we select?
In general, the candidates must be in the school range of P5-S4 with three years exam results of a minimum pass standard and with no discipline problems. We make sure to support the most vulnerable children by following our selection criteria with discernment. However we expect them to value our support. We monitor marks and individual development in order to assist our students with any problem that might affect their performance. In case failure results from lack of motivation and effort, students will be dropped out of our program. Our regulations will not tolerate lying, changing term results or forging papers. We want to make sure to help those who show motivation and honesty.

We make sure to get to know our beneficiaries and their environment – before, during and in most cases after their attendance in our program. We are offering visiting hours at our office and consult with any upcoming challenges or questions. We are empowering them to share with elders, teachers and parents to plan their future wisely.

What does our work look like?
The gallery will give you an impression of the work we do.

What is next for our graduates?

We are aiming for sustainability. Education is already a long term and sustainable investment but we support our graduates during their decision making process after they finished first level education. Though the program is free we encourage our graduates to support the future of it. Depending on their economic ability, candidates have been sponsoring other attendees over the last year to ensure our economic feasibility. Others have joined our Alumni Association and are supporting us with small annual membership fees.

Why support the Y.E.S Scholarship program?

Education is the most important instrument to overcome poverty. Your donation helps those who can not afford to go to school. We make sure to support the most vulnerable children and those who are willing to learn. Our work does not end by paying fees, instead we are giving life skill training, counseling and individual support to accomplish our goals.

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” (Psalm 82:3-4)