New Things Happening at YES

Hello everyone,

Developments continue with our program here in Fort Portal. I am so happy to announce that we have a volunteer coming from the US to teach our kids for the year 2016. Her name is Deanne Baboi and she is well qualified for the job and also a dedicated Christian. She is coming on a very tight budget as she is still paying on a student loan. If anyone feels led to donate towards her upkeep it could come through PayPal. She has not asked for anything but I know she would be very grateful.


We now are finishing the bathroom for the boy’s dorm at the Manna Rescue Home. They will have running water with flush toilets and a shower facility. I continue to be grateful for the donations that have made all the progress at the home possible.

Very exciting news is that we now have the go ahead from the National Environment Management Association to build our youth center where we will be having several vocational skills taught along with business management and basic life skills. If the rest of the paper work goes through construction could be finished by August or September and classes in ceramics, hair dressing and beautician, along with sewing and design, would be started and we would love to have anyone with these interests come to teach either short or longer sessions.

Block Plan Layout

Layout of the new Youth Development Center

Lastly, I want to share a success story with you about a girl trained in knitting. Rachel is a total orphan who finished senior 4 under our program and then went into Knitting. We have given her a knitting machine (shown in the picture) and the woman shown has a building where she wants her to set up to make sweaters for schools. Having a business woman behind her as she starts out gives her a greater chance to succeed.


Let me wish all of you in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and everyone a safe and happy Christmas season.