Manna Rescue Home Sponsorship

Hello Everyone!  It’s been an eventful couple of months for us here at Y.E.S. Ministries!


The last couple of months we have been able to enroll over 300 students in over 60 different schools, from Primary to University! Being able to provide these young people with an education is so important. Like I mentioned in my last post. we have a wonderful couple from Ireland that is here for a year to help out. They have been extremely helpful in so many ways and I am so thankful for them.  The wife has been teaching some of our kids at Manna Rescue Home and they are improving greatly. We were recently able to raise money to rebuild a home for a child headed family whose father recently passed away and it’s exciting to see the construction underway.  Also, we just had 50+ visitors staying at our hostel because they were in town competing in a triathlon. The income from the hostel continues to help provide for a lot of our needs. We have our struggles with theft and corruption but we press on and trust that God will continue to provide.


A classroom at MRH

The house that is being rebuilt

The house that is being rebuilt

Currently we are trying to get all the kids at Manna Rescue Home sponsored. We have a total of 30 children living at the home and currently 18 are needing sponsorship. Sponsorship includes: 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks a day, housing, school fees, clothing, shoes, school supplies, medical expenses, an in-house nurse and counselors, individual and group counseling and occasional outings. 12 of our kids are in a marching band thanks to St Johns of Oakland, CA, and they play events! If you’re interested, any donation is gratefully accepted! The suggested donation is $35 a month and you can sign up on Paypal HERE. If you have any questions or you would like to be matched up with a specific child please email me at


We now have an email program to keep you all updated with what is happening here in Uganda through Y.E.S. Ministries!  There’s always a lot going on around here and I want you all to be in the loop with all the exciting things God is doing. This ministry wouldn’t be able to go on without your support! Please sign up and spread the word!

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Thanks again for your continued support over the years!